As an organisation, you want the employee experience to start right away. For new colleagues to be productive quickly, you obviously need a good induction programme. It is also important that you think carefully about how to integrate new employees in a quick and pleasant way. 

Retain valuable employees for your organisation

The important steps in the first phase of the employee journey that help retain valuable employees for your organisation are the following:

  • What can you do to make them feel at home quickly?
  • How do you support them in building relationships smoothly?
  • What do you do to familiarise them with your organisation’s vision, mission, goals, structure and important developments?

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How does Looking at Business support you in on boarding?

Simon Sinek said it all: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

With this in mind, Kijk op Zaken provides advice on how to embed on boarding in your organisation. Even after taking assessments, we provide advice on onboarding and managing new employees. Besides advice, we also use modern digital tools that support and provide insight into onboarding and integration. As a result, new people not only become productive faster, but also immediately become ambassadors of your organisation. And that delivers – as Simon Sinek also meant – much more than increased productivity and lower staff turnover.

Want to know more about onboarding? Kijk op Zaken will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.

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