Executive search

The most suitable person for your vacancy:

  • may currently have a permanent job elsewhere;
  • is latently looking for work;
  • only occasionally open to new opportunities in the market.
How do you get this interesting candidate to join you? That’s what Kijk op Zaken uses executive search for: we track down all the candidates who are the ideal addition to your team.


Because of our experience, we understand better than anyone how to successfully approach candidates and get them excited about a new job challenge within your company. Usually, they are for a startfirst interested in an organisation that suits their personality and where their talent is optimally used. Only after that do conditions such as salary, location and other terms of employment start to play a role.

What can you expect from us in the field of executive search?

You can count on our professional approach to find the best qualified candidate. We are transparent about the use of our search hours, and you will receive periodic progress reports. In addition to our search for the ideal candidate, this also provides additional information about the market and insight into the motivations of potential candidates.

Wilt u weten hoe wij uw organisatie kunnen odersteunen met een cultuurveranderings traject?

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