Sustainable Employability

Sustainable employability is the extent to which employees want and are able to remain productive, motivated, and healthy, both within and outside your organisation. From our perspective, the emphasis is on employees who take responsibility for themselves and are facilitated by you as the employer. This way, you retain valuable people for the long term: employees who understand what is needed now to continue adding value in the future.

Onderzoek TNO

TNO has conducted extensive research on sustainable employability and developed the proven-effective program called “Vital Craftsmanship.” Cobi van Velzen from Kijk op Zaken is certified to apply this program to your organisation and guide your employees towards becoming “vital craftsmen.”

Changing world

In a constantly changing world with increasing pressure on workers, maintaining an agile and healthy organisation requires attention. There are many aspects to consider, such as the physical and mental well-being of your employees, their knowledge and experience, and their motivation (job satisfaction) and willingness to continue developing. Environmental factors, such as the workplace, work atmosphere, autonomy, work-life balance, recognition, safety, and leadership, also have a significant impact on employability. Therefore, it’s important to actively work together on sustainable employability. This leads to several positive developments:

Your employees feel responsible for their own continuous development, discovering their talents, and embracing new developments.

Fit, enthusiastic, and motivated employees result in lower absenteeism and less unwanted turnover, while also fostering more initiative, creativity, and productivity.

Your company evolves into an organisation that genuinely cares about its employees and their needs for enjoyable work and optimal development.

The key to sustainable employability lies with the employees themselves, but that is easier said than done. Often, within organisations, it’s not clear how employees can truly take ownership and seize opportunities. As an employer, you have an important role in facilitating matters effectively and in a structured manner.

How does Kijk op Zaken support you in sustainable employability?

Kijk op Zaken helps both employees and employers to truly embody sustainable employability within the company. We offer a program tailored to your specific situation for every organisation, regardless of its size. This program helps positively influence long-term employability. This can be achieved through the Vital Craftsmanship program by TNO or a custom-developed program designed specifically for you.

Kijk op Zaken always emphasizes employee ownership and encourages dialogue with managers and/or employers. After a kick-off moment, we enter a phase of creating insight and awareness. Job roles, organisations, and fields are constantly evolving, and both employees and employers can anticipate these changes. We assess risks and solutions and then jointly develop, accept, and initiate an approach that leads to improvements in employability in the broadest sense of the word. The building blocks of our modular program can be tailored to your needs, types of employees, and budget.


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