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When it comes to achieving ambitions, your employees are a crucial factor. But how do you ensure that they remain motivated, take responsibility, do the right things, and enjoy working for your organisation? Because every organisation is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to best manage your employees. One thing is certain: when your HR policy aligns with your culture, history, and industry, it leads to more job satisfaction, trust, enthusiasm, and ultimately, more results and success for your organisation.

How does Kijk op Zaken support you with HR advice?

The consultants at Kijk op Zaken have been working with various organisations in different industries for years. 


After a thorough introductory conversation, we provide targeted advice on potential improvements in HR

Recruitment vs departure

In addition to HR advice, we can also support or take care of tasks related to employee recruitment, development, and departure.


Together, we ensure that employees contribute to the advancement of your organisation and themselves.


If you do need to part ways with an employee, we guide you through a proper and respectful process.


In practice, it’s all about customization. Depending on your specific situation, we can:

  • provide managers with more tools
  • improve teamwork within teams
  • address sensitive topics. 

We act as your sounding board, assist you in (re)writing missing or vague job profiles, and provide advice on performance evaluations and appraisals.


Wat onze klanten zeggen

Could your organisation benefit from professional HR advice?

If your organisation could benefit from professional HR advice, don’t hesitate to schedule a non-binding introductory meeting. Our consultants are here to help you move forward.

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