Cultural Change

How people interact with each other and with customers within your organisation defines your company culture. But what if you find that the current culture is hindering success, innovation, growth, customer orientation, or agility? For example, if employees are resistant to change or if there is a lack of trust among team members. Even when people recognize the value of development, it can be challenging for them to exhibit different behaviours. These issues can create a negative atmosphere that affects productivity and motivation, causing valuable individuals to no longer feel at home and potentially leading to their departure or conformity. To positively influence the organisational culture, you need to break this cycle.

How does Kijk op Zaken support you in culture change?

To foster a positive development in the company culture, individuals within the organisation need to undergo their own positive transformation. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather an intensive process. It requires effort, but it can yield significant results.

To set this process in motion:

  • The advisors at Kijk op Zaken, together with you, examine the factors that influence people’s behaviour.
  • Simultaneously, we help you determine where the organisation wants to go and why.
  • Together, we define the desired company culture.

We approach this from a perspective that considers both the organisation as a whole and the individuals within it, with the prerequisite that the management and leaders are willing to embody the new aspects of the desired culture in practice.


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Do you believe that a positive adjustment of your company culture is impossible?

The advisors at Kijk op Zaken are eager to convince you otherwise! Please contact us for more information.

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