One of the strongest motivations for people is the need for growth. Through growth and development, you experience both work satisfaction and fulfilment, but it can also come with pain and effort. If you want to give your personal development an extra boost, coaching is a logical step.

The need for coaching

The need for coaching arises at different times, for example:

  • when you find yourself in a new situation
  • when you want to develop yourself in a new field or towards a different position
  • Sometimes you realize that your work environment is changing faster than you are, and it demands a new approach from you.

Whatever your need is, a good coach contributes to your personal development and helps you achieve desired results.

What can you expect from us in terms of coaching?

Because people and their coaching needs differ from each other, a coaching trajectory is always tailored. However, most trajectories can be divided into an analysis phase and a process phase:

  • The analysis phase consists of an intake and determining the coaching question and objective(s). Additionally, we can use different tools to assess your strengths, areas for improvement, and behavioural preferences. This provides you and us with better insight into your talents, motivations, and possible pitfalls.
  • In the subsequent process phase, you actively and purposefully apply the newly acquired knowledge, insights, and advice within your own work environment. Our coaches support you in a structured manner to enhance your personal effectiveness and professional competence.
  • The trajectory concludes with an evaluation and advice for your long-term development.

Kan jouw organisatie wel wat professioneel HR-advies gebruiken?

Kan jouw organisatie wel wat professioneel HR-advies gebruiken? Schroom niet een afspraak te maken voor een vrijblijvend kennismakingsgesprek. Onze adviseurs helpen je graag vooruit. 

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