Team building

How does Kijk op Zaken support you in team building?
The consultants at Kijk op Zaken organize workshops that help your team further develop, approaching it from a positive perspective. Often, finding a common goal, something that connects and is felt as such, is an important step forward. Additionally, we help team members understand each other better and have the “real conversation.” This includes getting to know each other’s talents and motivations, understanding each other’s irritations, accepting and appreciating each other’s differences. Ultimately, this leads to increased job satisfaction, connectedness, and success.


The workshops we provide are always tailored to your needs as the client and the composition of the group. Some topics that are often covered include:

Establishing a common goal

Establishing a common goal, often combined with defining the team or organisation's "why" or core values.

Building trust among team members

Building trust among team members by openly discussing and positively reinforcing trust.

Improving collaboration

through a short personality test (colour test) to get to know, understand, and complement each other.

Creating a team profile

that identifies the prevalent and less represented qualities within the team and their implications.

Do's and don'ts session

discussing how the team wants to interact and what they collectively consider important.

Making concrete agreements

Making concrete agreements about communication, work processes, collaboration, and task distribution.

The workshops incorporate various methods, including a combination of theoretical background, active individual exercises, and group work based on modern insights and models. Sometimes, a single workshop can be very enlightening, while in other cases, a series of workshops with a logical progression is chosen.

Do you want to give your team a positive boost?

Wij vertellen je graag meer over teambuildingactiviteiten om jouw team een positieve impuls te geven.

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