Core Values

Do you want employees who work solely because they must pay their bills at the end of the month, or employees who are inspired by what your company strives for?

When you manage to touch your employees in the right way with what the company pursues, you create tremendous enthusiasm and loyalty. That is why it’s important to identify the core values that make your company what it is.

Functioning average or above average

Every day, we experience that the difference between average and above-average performance is determined by the motivation of employees. Therefore, adhering to core values – moral goals or ideals that people pursue, appreciate, inspire, and motivate – is highly valuable. They have an emotional charge and the ability to mobilize your employees and connect them with each other.

Core values are part of your company’s mission and vision. They usually succinctly underline why a company does what it does. It is important to know that you don’t have to come up with core values: they are already embedded in the DNA of your company. Often, they just need to be discovered. However, it can be quite challenging to articulate them effectively on your own. In our workshops, we ask you critical and inspiring questions to stimulate the thinking process in a creative way. This way, you can discover the core values of your organisation yourself.

Wil je weten hoe je een postieve impuls aan jouw team kan geven?

Wij vertellen je graag meer over teambuildingactiviteiten om jouw team een positieve impuls te geven.

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