Nicolai Schiettekatte

There are various definitions of leadership. My personal favorite is:

“A leader is someone who takes you somewhere you wouldn’t go on your own.”

Every person has the potential to be a leader. Of course, some individuals are more suited than others to lead a company or a team, but I believe that everyone can make a difference for someone else in certain fields of expertise.


Leadership emerges when you take initiative and responsibility for what you want to achieve. Employees are more likely to take responsibility and initiative when they are competent, given the space to do so, and allowed to make mistakes. During my time as a manager in the staffing industry, I gained enough experience to know that these are the essential conditions for bringing out the best in people.


By the end of 2008, I felt the need for further development in my field. Despite the crisis erupting with full force, I made a conscious decision to resign from my job and collaborate with a group of senior consultants as an entrepreneur. It was a thrilling decision, but it turned out to be an excellent one because our collaboration took me to places, I would never have reached alone.


This led me to not only to the recruitment and selection of managers and professionals but also to facilitate job application processes for executives and board members. Initially, organisational development was new to me. Now, ten years later, I have acquired various methodologies and approaches that enable me to take people further in their leadership development, to places they probably wouldn’t reach on their own.


Curious about how Nicolai can move your organisation forward?

Nicolai Schiettekatte


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