Cobi van Velzen

Cobi van Velzen


“Increasingly, organisations are realizing that optimal results are directly linked to harnessing the talents, strengths, and interests of their employees. People thrive when the content of their work and the work environment truly align with who they are.”

It gives me a lot of positive energy to help clients, employees, and candidates clarify this alignment.


Having come from a very rational field – analytical chemistry – over 20 years ago, I transitioned into the world of HR. I’ve found that my interest in people and my analytical perspective are a valuable combination when it comes to advising and inspiring individuals and organisations. Especially during in-depth conversations: why do people behave the way they do? In my role, I often get to hold up a mirror to them, enabling them to view themselves and their environment from a different perspective. The insights gained from this often help them make better decisions.


Sometimes, the organisation as a whole can benefit from the reflection of an advisor.

What does our culture and the way we interact with each other mean?
What does this mean for the way our processes are structured?
And for our connection with customers?
And last but not least, for our results?
Are there patterns that need to be broken or reinforced?


As an external advisor, I enjoy building long-term relationships with clients. Together, we translate my analyses and insights into advice and solutions that can be directly applied in practice. Nevertheless, I consciously choose to maintain some distance: it is precisely this fresh perspective that helps individuals and organisations move forward. After 20 years, I am still fascinated by this interesting field of work and continue to learn.


Curious about how Cobi can move your organisation forward?

Drs. Cobi van Velzen

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