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Junior Sales Manager

The position

At your induction you will receive solid training from a senior and the R&D team to learn all there is to know about (selling) juices. After which you will become responsible for development and sales in new and underdeveloped markets and regions. Focussing on juices in regions like the UK, Italy, Eastern Europe and North Africa. In order to win contracts you will participate in various trade fairs, do research on the internet and visit customers. After you have made inventory of the customers’ wishes and needs you will maintain communication and work in a team consisting of the customers and the internal R&D department. You negotiate agreements and contracts with all stakeholders subject to the approval of the sales manager to whom you report. You will be working in Vlissingen quite frequently. After your training period you can also choose to work from a home office partially.  


  • Personality with an international focus and a natural and pleasant authority.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Sales driven, good negotiator. Initiative, perseverance and adaptability/flexibility are necessary for success.
  • Fluent in English and preferably also in one to two other languages.
  • Hands on, self-motivating, independent, pro-active with a customer oriented hands-on mentality.
  • This position provides a great opportunity for a salesperson with 2 to 5 years of sales experience in the food industry or candidates with international sales experience in countries in the Middle East region, Africa, UK or Italy.   

Areas of success

  • Provides essential contribution to the long term sales strategy of the company.
  • Manages and coordinates the implementation of the sales objectives.
  • Maintains and builds relations with customers in his/her area and represents the company.
  • Maintains communication with his area sales manager colleagues, the R&D, Customer service  areas of the company and the general sales manager
  • Keeps record of the achievement of the annual objectives.
  • Promotes, pursues and manages the growth of the area sales portfolio.
  • Maintains the “CRM” to keep record of important and relevant matters that impact the customers and markets in his area.
  • Negotiates agreements and contracts subject to the approval of the general sales manager.
  • Participates in various trade fairs in his/her sales area as well as in other relevant areas.

About Medibel

Medibel, part of the Agrojuice Holding, has over 30 years of experience in mixing juices. We source our juices from all over the world and create innovative, high quality juice mixes for the juice industry (bottling companies). Whether it be juice & drink blends from concentrate, smoothies or fruit and vegetable juices, we always use two premium ingredients: quality and innovation. For our Holding company Agrojuice Holding B.V. which has its seat in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, we have vacancies for two ambitious (young) professionals who want to build an international career in the Agro Food Industry.  

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