The difference between average and excellent performance is usually made by the motivation and the personality of your employee. Having the right person in the right place influences your business objectives in a positive way. Kijk op Zaken ensures that you hire people who exactly match the culture and the goals of your organisation. How do we do that?

Wishes and demands

Well begun is half done. Especially if you want to attract the right candidates for your vacancies these days. First obtaining a clear picture of the people who would fit within your organisation, will provide you with a competitive edge in the labour market. Our organisation and job analysis carefully maps your wishes and demands. We do not only focus on the knowledge and experience of potential employees, but especially on important behavioural and personal characteristics.

Recruitment of the right candidates

After having targeted the right candidates in close cooperation with you, we develop an appealing job advertisement and a recruitment mix – online, print and / or social media – that perfectly matches the orientation behaviour of the desired candidates. Also we save you a lot of work by handling applications and answering possible questions. The most suitable candidates will be invited by us for a first interview.

Selection of the best employee

You have met a number of candidates and you are enthusiastic about one or more persons. Now the assessment phase starts. By comparing the extensive organisation and job analysis with the results of the assessment, our Kijk op Zaken team can accurately determine whether someone will be successful in the job. Of course all of these findings will be shared with you.

Advice and warranty

In case of a positive evaluation, a recommendation will follow about the appointment of your new colleague. Because we know both the strong points and the points needing attention of the candidate and your organisation, the advice ensures that he or she will soon be fully operational. Also, pitfalls in the training period will be avoided. A follow-up takes place three months after the candidate’s starting employment.

Our recruitment and selection projects are carefully structured. That is why we dare to guarantee that a selected candidate really fits well within your organisation. In case someone unexpectedly does not meet the demands, we will carry out the entire recruitment and selection project again and free of charge.

Optimal use of the potential of the new colleague

In smaller and / or growing organisations in particular, there is often a need for support a little longer after the cooperation between the new colleague and the management has started. Our Kijk op Zaken team can assist you with this. Also, it is possible to keep us on board for the further development of (management) skills within the team.

Conscious Leadership

As a team leader or manager, are you looking for concrete tools to collaborate with your colleagues more smartly and to realise the ambitions of the organisation? Join our Conscious Leadership Training.