Your organisation is continuously developing. But is it going in the direction you have in mind? Do you have influence over it or does it just happen? And are you happy with the pace? Kijk op Zaken offers a number of services so that you can take the lead in the development of your organisation.

Psychological safety for employees

A positive culture starts with happy, enterprising employees. Scientific research shows that psychological security is essential to employees and teams to perform to their full potential. When they feel comfortable, they are more likely to take responsibility, to suggest new ideas and to ask “stupid” questions. The latter is more important than you would have thought! It confirms that you give people opportunities to realise development and that they feel secure to take them. But are you also aware which “stupid” – and particularly useful – questions are NOT asked?

Like to know more?

Together with Kijk op Zaken, you enable the individuals in your organisation to team up. This will facilitate taking the right steps in the development you have in mind. Please, contact us for more information.

Conscious Leadership

As a team leader or manager, are you looking for concrete tools to collaborate with your colleagues more smartly and to realise the ambitions of the organisation? Join our Conscious Leadership Training.