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Conscious Leadership

Become more effective with this unique hands-on course. Directly applicable in your daily practice.

As a team leader or manager, are you looking for concrete tools to collaborate with your colleagues more smartly and to realise the ambitions of the organisation? But how to do it in a time of self-managed teams, millennials and rapid changes? Among others we work on (more) Conscious Leadership with team leaders, MT members and project teams in Zeeland, West-Brabant and Zuid-Holland.


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The training location depends on the place of residence of the applicants.

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Conscious leadership for SMEs

Good leadership first and foremost is about who you are and only then about what you can do. Therefore our training on ‘Conscious Leadership’ is not only about important leadership skills, but above all about understanding how you as a person have direct impact on your environment. If you understand the effect of your choices and act accordingly, it will immediatey improve your effectiveness. The insights and skills we offer you can directly apply to your own situation.


These modules will be given in five half-day sessions

On location: Leadership, what's involved? Core values and the 'why' as a guide.

After this leadership training, you will lead more consciously, because:

you have more insight in your strengths and pitfalls as a leader;

you have tools at your disposal to increase your team members’ own responsibility;

you link the mission of your organisation to the way you manage your people;

jyour have developed your conversation techniques to a higher level.

About the trainers

Kijk op Zaken helps managers and professionals to make (better) use of their people’s drives so that team members can prosper in the workplace (also when working at home).

Nicolai Schiettekatte

Cobi van Velzen

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In onze visie is werk onlosmakelijk verbonden met misschien wel onze sterkste drijfveer: groei. Ondanks dat groei en ontwikkeling meestal gepaard gaan met pijn, moeite en het overwinnen van onzekerheden, ervaren we misschien juist daarom veel voldoening en soms zelfs geluk . Groeien betekent de moed tonen om uit je comfortzone te komen. Wij geloven dat organisaties beter gedijen wanneer ze meer zijn afgestemd op deze sterke drijfveer.



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