Information about a candidate’s knowledge and experience can be obtained by means of an interview. However, how do you get insight in decisive criteria such as personality, motivation and level of thinking?

You would like to know if a candidate is going to be successful within your organisation. The difference between average and excellent performance is made by personality, motivation and (cognitive) ability. An assessment of your candidate provides insight into how the above-mentioned personal characteristics relate to the position within your organisation. This enables you to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire a new employee.

In advance, the Kijk op Zaken consultant discusses the most important criteria and success factors for the position with you. What kind of behaviour does it take to be successful? What are the pitfalls? What is the culture in your organisation like and what makes the position appealing to candidates? We give you concrete advice based on our analysis and the assessment. This also includes tips and advice for the new employee’s manager to ensure that he or she can achieve results faster.

Our assessment approach

Since behavioural and personal characteristics of candidates are of great importance with assessments, we work with modern and validated psychometric instruments. These measure psychological characteristics such as personality, behavioural styles, cognitive skills and motivation. All of the Kijk op Zaken consultants are licensed to use these instruments.

Our assessments consist of the following components:

  • Questionnaires and tests
    Online a candidate completes questionnaires and cognitive ability tests with respect to personality and the level of working and thinking.
  • Personal interview
    During an in-depth interview, one of our consultants discusses the results of the questionnaires and ability tests with the candidate. In addition, experience, perception, behaviour, drives and possible doubts are discussed. In this way our consultant obtains a clear picture of the candidate. At the end of the interview, the consultant immediately gives feedback to the candidate on the written results and his or her picture of the candidate, in order to provide an opportunity for direct response.
  • Written report
    The consultant records his or her findings in a written report which is shared with the candidate and / or the employer. In case of coaching or outplacement, sometimes there will not be an (extensive) written report or it will not be supplied to the employer. Of course, the process is always customised and discussed in advance with the candidate and with the client.
  • Oral explanation
    If desired, the consultant explains the report to the client orally, either in the presence of the candidate or not. Clear agreements are made on this aspect in advance as well.

Conscious Leadership

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Are you still on the right track?

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